Monday, 25 December 2017

India Republic Day 2018 Parade Live - 26 January 2018 Delhi Parade Timing, Images

India Republic Day 2018 Parade:- Are you want 26 January 2018 Live Parade Video and Images from New Delhi. Then get India Republic Day 2018 Parade Timing and Live Telecast on Television. 26th January is a red letter day in the history of our great India. It is written in golden letters in the annals of our history. On this day, in the year 1950, our country got final constitution.

Many great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi Ji, Jhansi's Rani Lakshami Bai, Chhatrapati Shiva Ji, Tatya Tope, Bal Ganga Dhar Tilak, Pandit J.L Nehru, Subhash Chandra Boss, Sardaar Bhagat Singh, Chandra Shekher Azad, Lala Lajpat Rai etc, fought for the freedom(independence) of our mother land. Although our country become free, yet it was divided into two parts example- India & Pakistan. Since after two year India republic, constitution of India was scratched and India become republic country.

Mohandas Karmchand Gandhi was born in Gujarat, on 2nd October. In South Africa, his fought for the rights of Indian people. He was the most active and effective leader, who won freedom for India. Gandhi ji imprisoned many times by British Government. Hope this article of 27 January Republic Day Parade Video and Images will helpful you all.

Truth and Ahinsa were his two main power for that he got success in independence war which happens between India and British people. Before the republic of India he was finished. His last word were "Hey Rama". He is called the father of nation. He was play most effective role for Independence and republic India. Gandhi ji aim was Independence India, for that he fought against English man and accomplished their aim. Now its our turn that how we can save our country to the unwanted wars.

Friday, 22 December 2017

26 January 2018 Bollywood Patriotic Songs Mp3 List For Dance - 69th Republic Day Desh Bhakti Geet Download

26 January Republic Day 2018 Bollywood Patriotic Songs:- Download Best collection of Republic Day Mp3 Songs For Dance and enjoy the occasion using 26 January Desh Bhakti Geet. Republic Day, Independence day and Gandhi jayanti these are the national festival of India which observe annually to mark the occasion of constitution anniversary of the nation. who is unofficially called 26 January because it celebrate on every 26th of Jan and officially its called republic day. Observance of this festival is says that it is a community or historical celebration. Republic day is a type of constitution birth anniversary celebration holiday.

Significance of republic day is honors of constitution. Mahatma Gandhi ji was trusty a great man let's take a moment to remember country father and to all group of freedom fighters who fought against British and take pledge to all fighter who sacrifice their life for mother land and country people. The hard work for independence republic country was done in 1950 that is possible after 1947 independence day celebration. Here you will get Republic Day Songs List and can free download from the YouTube and many other downloading sites.

Republic day is related to international day of non-violence and India independence day. Republic day is national holiday in India which celebrate once in 365/ 366 days that is 26th of January. Its such a unique day which remembered for freedom fighters contribution toward the huge struggle for free life from British Raj. Republic day is a festival of India which observe in all over its state. Hope you like 26 January Desh Bhakti Songs and will share these all Republic Day Patriotic Songs With your friends, classmates and social friends.

Public and private both institution are celebrate republic day every year with huge arrangement. It is a day which celebrate mostly publicly but privately also. Poster painting, greeting making, essay writing, rangoli making etc. are the competitive programs who take place in various ceremonial anniversaries of republic day. After the completion of program organization also give best awards to all participants of republic day function.       

Saturday, 16 December 2017

[#Freedom Fighter] 26 January 2018 Shayari in Urdu - Republic Day Slogans , Saying Quotes, Naare in Hindi

26 January 2018 Shayari in Urdu:- Get Republic Day Patriotic Slogans In Hindi and Saying Quotes By Freedom Fighters. Shout loud 26 January Republic Day Naare (Nare) In Hindi English and remember all our great freedom fighter leaders. India's most important or red letter day is republic day whose story is clearly written in country history. Luck of republic day is achieved after huge struggle, effortless do not easy to take it as constitution of India. 1950 was the day which comes as wonder. The faithfulness/ obedience/ devotion/ loyalty/ dedication of our great leaders worked very well in freedom fighting war which convert into India's freedom or independence day or swatantarta diwas and constitution or republic day or gantantra diwas.

Cessation(Appeal) for India constitution was done after 1947's victory but it approved in the year of 1950 after a long time period, that is calculated two, years/ 11, months/ 18, days. Its really conduct as a big task, even though it conduct as biggest task but India's victory was also done on this complicated warfare/ rust. All country peoples will get here 26 January Nare In Hindi and Republic Day Saying Quotes By Freedom Fighters.

Republic day is an India's national festival which celebrate once in 12 months. 26 January is a day which celebrate as republic day of India. On this most beautiful day India's people certainly remember the father of the country, Mahatma Gandhiji, because it was such a scandal that started the fight of freedom and ended the fight with a successful victory. Also get Republic Day Patriotic Slogans In Hindi and English. Remember all our great leaders and shout Republic Day Nare and motivate all country peoples.

During India Independence and republic day,  the leaders faced many problems but they did not give up, they kept fighting for their last breath. The scarifies of leaders for country and country people was a memorable contribution which can never be forgotten. It is an ever green festival which celebrate annually which great happiness, joy, fun, honor, excitement. Government organization and private educational and some another organization take more intrest to the celebration of republic day anniversaries.